Super Mixtape in development

Super Mixtape FEATURES

A handful of unique mechanics within Super Mixtape

World Flip

whereby the player can flip the world, like a cassette, letting them play forwards and backwards. A mechanic that tackles the ‘depth-element’ within 2D games. The ‘depth-element’ is often explored in innovative ways by game developers. The Flip Mechanic is the core mechanic of the game.

Jump and Physics

The jump in Super Mixtape is like no other jump and requires the player to jump from either the left or the right to gain height or distance based on the physics applied to the cassette. Supported by a considered and natural control scheme.

Tumble Mechanic

The tumble allows the player to correct themselves and rotate in the air. Challenging the rules of traditional 2D gameplay by allowing player rotation. The main character’s facial expression will change depending on his position.

Beat Switches

Being able to ‘switch the beat’ remixes the audio in the game and areas of the level will react to the change. The ‘beats’ are colour coordinated with supported differentiating patterns to assist players who suffer with colour-blindness or colour vision deficiencies, which currently effects a signification percentage of the population.


Polygrammatic - Independent Game Development Studio
core focus and area of innovation has been on fun and gameplay with game mechanics

Stay in touch with the progress of Super Mixtape; here shows the percentage completion of Super Mixtape.

Polygrammatic is a new and exciting start-up game development studio. Polygrammatic’s core focus and area of innovation has been on fun and gameplay with game mechanics in mind.

Polygrammatic is currently developing Super Mixtape: A retro physics based rhythm-puzzle-platformer where you guide cassette tape ‘Mix’ across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides, completing puzzles as you progress to find the perfect beat.

Super Mixtape has been in development since February 2015 and has gone through multiple iterations before reaching this point. The game is nearly ready to show the public after showing a prototype level at EuroGamer (EGX) 2015 in Birmingham where it was well received.

Super Mixtape is being released on Steam (TBA), Xbox One, Windows 10 and PS4 (TBA) in 2016 alongside an interactive Original Sound Track from the game.

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  • Mechanics & Gameplay

    The core gameplay and mechanics are 80% complete. Could change with feedback from early access and alpha/beta testing

  • Music

    10 complete tracks are ready for Super Mixtape. Final polish, menu audio and sound effects are next in the process

  • Menus & User Interface

    Extensive research and planning is going into ensuring a smooth and intuitive UI is created. To be advanced with Steam & Xbox integration nearer completion

  • Overall

    Super Mixtape is 45% complete with the main focus on strong level design and fun gameplay with the created mechanics and supporting audio

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