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For those of you that don’t know, Super Mixtape went live on Steam Greenlight on Christmas Eve and has been doing well, minus the Steam Caching issue on Christmas Day, and Steam Community which houses Steam Greenlight being down for the most part of Boxing day.

Day 1 – Christmas Eve

Super Mixtape went off to a really good start, at the end of 24 hours of being on Steam Greenlight, Super Mixtape gained 490 yes votes, with 1259 people looking at the product. I didn’t realise it, but this is some of the best and cheapest advertising that you can get. Getting your product in front of over 1200 people in 24 hours, and having over 1/3 of them being interested in the product is not something to turn your nose up at. I made sure that I added Google Analytics to my Greenlight page so that I could see the traffic, and where it was coming from etc. It’s a great way to make sure I don’t waste more time on things that aren’t that useful, and focus my efforts in other areas that are reaching a wider audience. I also updated the Super Mixtape Indiedb page to house more information, but I need to come back and add more content over the coming days.


I’d buy this – I think we have ourselves a potential gem here


Day 2 – Christmas Day

Christmas day, what more can I say, I knew today would be quiet, but I wasn’t expecting there to be a mass posting on Reddit about not logging into steam with the current ‘Security Breach’ which resulted in being a caching issue. Super Mixtape still gained 101 yes votes with 332 visitors, so there was a small stream of traffic. I know the days of not logging into your computer on Christmas day are becoming a thing of the past, so I was unsure how the day would pan out. I hadn’t planned or done anything that would generate much interest as it was Christmas Day, a rare time to do nothing with the family.

The graphics are super retro!


Day 3 – Boxing Day

Boxing day, what an interesting day. Super Mixtape gained 30 yes votes and 128 views with the Steam Community page being down and Steam Greenlight not being accessible. I was surprised to get any votes with the current issues going on. I did wonder what happened to all the people wanting to submit their games today, would there be a big influx of games on the day after, pushing Super Mixtape further down the queue?

Awesome game, keep up the great work!


Day 4 – The Day After Boxing Day – 27th December

110 visitors and 55 of those voting on the game, Super Mixtape gained 27 ‘yes’ votes. I think this is the point where the honeymoon period is over and now it’s the ‘steady stream’ of users who will see the game. I have made a few small costumes for mix to share on Twitter with twitter pulling in a small stream of viewers after looking at the Analytics.


Rhythm platformers so nice to play


Day 5 – 28th December

A day of emails and 27 yes votes. Super Mixtape is still at 53% yes, and from looking at other post-mortems, I’m extremely happy with how things are going. The percentage echo’s the percentage that I received on The Square Enix Collective, being 52%. On Square Enix Super Mixtape got ~100 votes with 52% being ‘Yes’, and on Steam, Super Mixtape so far over 1300 votes with 53% of them being a ‘Yes’, 3% being ‘Ask me later’ and 43% being ‘No’. The percentages must be on the tipping point for one as there is 1% missing from that list.

Throughout the day I have prepared a mini press release update for the game, and gone through all my contacts from EGX so let people know that the game is now on Steam Greenlight. After showing the game at EGX, where it was well received, I made sure I got as many people’s contact details as possible to keep them updated with the game as it progressed. Over the coming days, I will be able to see how effective this has been.


Day 6 – 29th December

I checked the game for updates, and spent the majority of the day not doing much towards gaining interest. I’ve been helping my family with a few jobs whilst I’m here. I made sure I had time to do the usual Twitter updates, send emails and scan of the comments section. With over 50 comments on the game, and some being very kind words about the product, I’m feeling confident that if I can reach a larger audience, hopefully, I shouldn’t have a problem getting the Greenlight.

Dude I can’t wait to play this. This will be awesome.


Day 7 – 30th December

It’s been 7 days since launching Super Mixtape on Steam Greenlight, and other than the outlined issues, I’m really happy with the result at the moment. We will see how the next 7 days pan out, and hopefully Super Mixtape will get a ‘Greenlight’ from Steam in the not too distant future.

You have made something simple (Not a criticism) New and with a twist.



The game has a strange trajectory, and after reading many other post-mortems over the last week or three, I knew there would be a tail of, but not as sharp as what I had noticed. The game started off following the path of a game between the top #5 and top #20 position on the first day, then it slowed down. I put this down to the game not getting as much exposure in the following days after the initial announcement. This leads me to believe that I can’t relay on Steam users ‘coming across’ Super Mixtape, I need to get it out there more than sending a few daily updates on Twitter and sharing links with friends and communities that I thought would be interested. Perhaps I should get back in touch with a PR company who can give the game some traction with more gamers?



Overall after 7 days of being on Steam Greenlight, I have gained 2,000+ unique visitors with 1,327 of them placing a vote, and 53% percent of those votes being a ‘Yes’. For the most part, I think that to gain more awareness of the product and to help get the game through the Greenlight process, I need to pay close attention to the Analytical data from Steam and Google, and think about what forms of cost effective promotion I can do? I look forward to seeing and learning what the next 7 days will bring on Steam Greenlight.

Below I have attached the past 7 days for the Steam Greenlight campaign from Google Analytics and included the top ten links.



EDIT: The following day on New Years Eve, Super Mixtape got the Greenlight from Steam and is now ready to go through the next process. I will be writing a more indepth write-up soon to share on this website and on the relevant Steam page once it has been created.

Many thanks for your support 🙂

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