Super Mixtape Roadmap

supermixtape-roadmapAs I have been organically progressing with Super Mixtape I haven’t just been making a game with features and planning to release it. I’m creating a solid framework that I can use for future games, and the expansion of Super Mixtape with potential mod support, custom features, even custom DLC with different musicians and workshop content.

All of this is in the pipeline and understandably, some features may not make the final game as development continues, but I will be posting regular updates on the Steam Community Page once things start moving with the release.

The following few months of development are going to be as shown in this infographic for Super Mixtape. The theory behind not releasing the narrative within the early access build and deliberately delaying levels, allows me to make tweaks and changes based on player feedback before releasing more levels. I want to make sure there is some focus on the character movements and how Mix navigates the world in the initial release.

Following this feedback, levels will be coming thick and fast, with some potentially juicy extras in-between. I will be including an interactive audio player in a later version of the game, so everyone has the oppertunity to explore the audio narrative of Super Mixtape which has been lovingly crafted by Jack Hey.

In this first release, everything will be unlocked so that the players can truly test everything in an unrestricted manner, and if you have any feedback, suggestions or just want to say hello, send an email, harass me on Twitter, or say something in the Steam community group.


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