Polygrammatic Limited
Based in UK

Founding date:
August 28th, 2015


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Super Mixtape


+44 (0) 7716 307 174


Delivering gaming immersion through considered content creation, redefining games through play. Polygrammatic is currently developing Super Mixtape: A retro physics based rhythm-puzzle-platformer where you guide cassette tape ‘Mix’ across a fully reversible 2D world of A-Sides and B-Sides, completing puzzles as you progress to find the perfect beat.


Early history

From the beginning, Polygrammatic’s core focus and area of innovation has been on fun and gameplay with game mechanics in mind. Polygrammatic has shown a demo build of Super Mixtape at Rezzed in London, March 2015, and a more feature complete build of Super Mixtape at EuroGamer (EGX) in Birmingham, September 2015. Polygrammatic has invested time in, and have created a robust and modular game architecture that can be used for any future game created by the studio using Unity game engine. Whilst in incubation period, there was a strong focus on creating a strong foundation with scalability and scope in mind. Polygrammatic has spent the past year in Falmouth Universities’ Launchpad incubation program. Whilst being trained on ‘Agile’ product development, business sustainability and earnt an MA in Entrepreneurship, Polygrammatic gained a wealth of industry contacts and experience, giving the company a strong foundation for growth. Whilst at Falmouth University on the MA Entrepreneurship course, Polygrammatic focused on advancing understanding of agile ideologies and lean methodologies with a strong focus on software-related product development. Using psychometric testing to inform and enhance the decision making processes. With in-depth studies into risk aversion and risk reducing practices.

After that

Polygrammatic’s debut title Super Mixtape has already been approved by Microsoft for release on Xbox One platform and Windows 10 Store through the ID@Xbox platform. Super Mixtape has also been accepted by the Square Enix collective and received strong feedback for the game, where over half the viewers stated that they would financially ‘back’ the game if it was in crowdfunding. Super Mixtape is currently on Steam Greenlight.



Super Mixtape: Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube


SuperMixtape EGX 05.png
SuperMixtape EGX 02.png
Polygrammatic P Black.png
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Polygrammatic P Green RGB.png

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Awards & Recognition

  • "The Square Enix Collective Feedback Stage" - November - December 2015
  • "Accepted on Microsoft ID@Xbox platform" - October, 2015
  • "Masters Degree Entrepreneurship" - Falmouth University, September, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "It throws everything you know about the standard platformer out of the window and creates its own rules."
    - Des Mayer, otakugamers
  • "like nothing I have seen before"
    - Daniel MachinimaSBOC, MachinimaSBOC YouTube
  • "my favorite game of EGX 2015"
    - GameGazm, GameGazm YouTube
  • "Here’s my run-down of the five games I found to be most interesting, entertaining or just plain fun."
    - senshudo TV, senshudo

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Independent Games Developer, Sole Director of Polygrammatic Limited. Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from Falmouth University. Creative Technocrat. Founder of Format Media. Christo was taught strong C# game development principles by lead programmer from Criterion Games, the 'MightyPerran', (Criterion Games responsible for Burnout, Need For Speed and Black).

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